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On December 1, 2023, Brazil took on the rotating presidency of the G20, a group composed of the 19 largest economies in the world, in addition to the European Union and the African Union (admitted in 2023). With a one-year term (until November 30, 2024), this is the first time Brazil occupies the position in this format – in 2008, Brazil chaired the G20 when the event was of ministerial level.

During the Brazilian presidency, priority issues will be discussed, including the fight against hunger, poverty and inequality, the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) and the reform of global governance. Throughout the Brazilian term, technical meetings, ministerial conferences, and the next Summit of Heads of State and Government, scheduled for November 18 and 19, 2024, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), are planned.

The G20 operates according to two parallel workstreams which communicate with each other: the Sherpa Track and the Finance Track. The Sherpa Track is led by emissaries of the G20 leaders, and oversee negotiations, discuss the points that form the summit’s agenda and coordinate most of the work. The Finance Track deals with strategic macroeconomic issues and is led by member countries’ Finance ministers and central bank heads.

Among the new features presented by Brazil’s presidency is the G20 Social, a place where civil society can participate and contribute to discussions and policy formulations referring to the Summit. The G20 Social encompasses, among others, the activities of 13 engagement groups, which includes the Science20 (S20). The engagement groups provide a broad platform for non-governmental participants from G20 member countries to contribute to the policy formulation process. The highlight will be the Social Summit, on November 15-17, right before the G20 Leaders Summit, also in Rio de Janeiro. The Social Summit will reflect the set of proposals discussed by the representatives of the societies of the countries that make up the G20.