Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Founded on May 3, 1916, as the Brazilian Society of Sciences and later renamed the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), the institution has a 107-year history of commitment to advancing science, education, and innovation in Brazil.

Under the visionary leadership of the astronomer Henrique Morize, the ABC was established by a group of researchers from the Polytechnic School of Rio de Janeiro with the purpose of recognizing the scientific merit of outstanding Brazilian researchers and promoting scientific and educational development in the country. Since then, the ABC has worked tirelessly to promote the dissemination of knowledge and the strengthening of advanced scientific and technological research.

The Brazilian Society of Sciences (first name of the ABC) was founded in 1916, at the Polytechnic School of Rio de Janeiro, in Largo de São Francisco. Photo: Museum of Image and Sound.

Over the years, the ABC has established itself as an influential voice in advocating for science, education, and innovation as essential pillars for Brazil’s progress. The ABC believes that the ability to produce and apply knowledge is fundamental to driving socioeconomic development.

The ABC advocates for the importance of establishing links between the national and international scientific community, promoting collaboration and the exchange of ideas and resources. Science recognizes no borders, and that is why the ABC strives to build bridges between the world and the various regions of our country.

The ABC is dedicated to studying topics of relevance to society, contributing to the formulation of public policies based on scientific evidence. Education, health, the environment, and new technologies are some of the areas in which the ABC operates, always seeking the advancement of knowledge and the well-being of the population.

For over a century, the ABC has worked with dedication and commitment, whether on a national or international level, in person or virtually, to fulfill its mission and promote the scientific and educational development of Brazil.